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Sharing the community's park stories.

Vermont is home to all kinds of incredible experiences – we want to hear about yours.

Park Stories

If you’ve visited a Vermont State Park — or you’re trying to visit all of them — you probably have some great stories to tell. Maybe you taught your children to swim or fish at Lake Elmore, Lake Carmi, or Sandbar. Maybe you slept your first night under the stars at Branbury, Maidstone, or Grand Isle. You may have walked into history at Little River, watched the hawk migration from the top of Mt. Philo, or warmed up with friends in the Stone Hut after a perfect powder day.

We've gathered some of our favorite stories shared by Vermonters and visitors about their most special memories made in Vermont's State Parks. Check them out below - and share yours here.


We love the state parks, and want to hear why you do, too.

Vermont State Parks unite our community through shared experiences and insight into different perspectives. 

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