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A Rescue Dog Named Monday

In November 2021 we adopted a rescue dog and named her Monday. She came from South Carolina, where she was found as a stray, weighing just 59 pounds at two years old. Our first winter together was spent learning how to play.

We took weekly visits to Underhill State Park, where she would accompany me as I skinned up Teardrop and gallop down alongside me as I skied back to the car. Underhill State Park was where Monday first experienced snow, winter, and the confusing sport of backcountry skiing. It was love at first sight.

Today, Monday is at her goal weight of 100 pounds and is an excellent ski buddy. We continue to start and end many of our winter days at Underhill State Park. I know I speak for both of us when I say we love Vermont State Parks!

-  Emily Lisowich & Jer Coons, Jericho, VT


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