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Seven Summers at Knight Point State Park

Knight Point State Park will always hold an incredibly special place in my heart. When I was 17 and just out of high school, I needed a summer job. I was sort of drifting aimlessly when someone (I wish I could remember who!) recommended I apply for the park service.

I had never done that sort of work before, but growing up I had loved the outdoors and the natural world, so I wanted to give it a shot. Originally I had wanted to work at Alburgh Dunes State Park, because that was closer to my home at the time, but there was only a position available at Knight Point. I went in, interviewed, and was offered the job.

The moment I got to the park, I knew I loved it there. The beach was small, but had a charm to it. There was a short hiking trail that I would come to know like the back of my hand. Couple the beautiful flower gardens with the natural wonder of the old oak trees on site and I was sold.

I worked at Knight Point State Park for seven park seasons, every summer returning - eventually I would become assistant manager there. All seven years I worked beside the dedicated and hilarious ranger Levi. Levi and I welcomed many attendants and volunteers, all of whom gave a lot of sweat and passion to Vermont State Parks.

Along with my professional life at the park, I spent many hours of personal time on the beach, lawns, and trail. I attended numerous horse shows, concerts, and firework extravaganzas. My family visited regularly and we hosted Father's Day lunches, anniversary get-togethers, and celebrated my birthday every year (it was the dead of summer, and usually the park and my family would have a little party for me).

I lived on site at Knight Point for a few years, as well as its sister park (the former campground at North Hero State Park), and I cherish my memories of walking the park at night, and enjoying the easy quiet mornings in my small living room in my park apartment.

Knight Point was the place I first kissed my husband, a place I broke up with a bad boyfriend, the first state park I brought my new rescue dog, and a wonderful experience over all. I gave seven years to that park, as well as shoulder seasons at many others: Barton, Alburgh Dunes, and Niquette Bay. I now work at Crystal Lake State Park, and am thrilled to be providing an 8th summer of my life to the park system.

- Renee Willard-Hunt

A sunny beach with grass and trees
Knight Point State Park, Courtesy of Vermont State Parks


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