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Home Away From Home

Our family has been camping at Branbury State Park 4th of July week since 1980. We brought our two girls there at a young age, and they grew up thinking of Branbury as their home away from home. We remember when Bob and Yvonne used to be camp managers and how they greeted us by name each year we came. We remember when the VYCC first came and managed the parks. They provided fun activities and campfires for the young campers. We remember taking our kids hiking up to Silver Lake and Ethan Allen's Cave.

We made lifelong friends with other families that camped there on the 4th of July. We have seen many changes to the park since we have camped there, but we still consider Branbury our home away from home and will continue to camp there as long as we are able.

- Debra

View of a mountain behind a sandy beach
Branbury State Park, Photo by Vermont Parks Forever


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