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Adventures at Green River Reservoir

Last summer my family and I took a week-long camping trip around Vermont. My favorite memory is from Green River Reservoir State Park. I hadn’t done my homework and only learned we needed to bring our own boat after we had arrived. Lucky for us, there was another family that had just arrived familiar with the park. They told us the staff at the park were very friendly and we could borrow a boat from the park and explained to us using the park map which campsites were open.

We heard loons for the first time and in the morning our 12-year-old daughter, Noam, made rice for breakfast with tomato sauce because it was all we had left. Nuri, our six our old told us it was the best rice he had ever had. I replied by saying ‘my mission is complete.’ My mission being setting the example that adventure and making do with what you have often prove to be the best experiences and make for the best memories. We live in Israel during the winter but plan to visit more state parks next summer.

– Shira Sternberg


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