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A Tradition at Wilgus State Park

My first and last camping trip of every season is at Wilgus State Park. Five years ago, I purchased a teardrop camper after decades of tent camping. Towing was new and scary - especially backing up. I arrived at Wilgus joking about valet parking. Eric was extremely kind and supportive of my new endeavor and gave me encouragement and some good advice on how to back into my site. Every May since then, I arrive and am welcomed as a returning friend. While I camp five days per month at various Vermont State Parks with a couple of friends or by myself, I always feel welcome and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the parks. The park system is definitely one of Vermont’s greatest assets, and I appreciate the care given to them.

- Anonymous

A wooded and grassy trail
Wilgus State Park, Photo provided by Vermont State Parks


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