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A Bit of Heaven at Wilgus State Park

I have enjoyed camping at Wilgus State Park on the Connecticut River in Vermont for more years than I can remember. It is small, so well run with longstanding and welcoming staff, always clean, and both beautiful and peaceful. I have come alone, with friends and lovers, with children and now with my grandchild. I have camped on the ground in a tent, graduated to a cot, and now to a lean-to. It has always been a cherished retreat. A couple of stories are told over and over.

My best memory is spending an hour watching two eagles - a mature male and a juvenile - from my kayak. At one point, the mature eagle dropped a feather directly into my kayak! I always bring my guitar and sing in the evening, with occasional other campers stopping by to listen or join in. It is my bit of heaven. Thank you!

- Blue


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