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70 Years of Memories

My family has been enjoying Vermont State Parks for almost 70 years! Our favorite has always been D.A.R. State Park, but we've been to many others and loved those, as well. The photo shows my brother and me with my Dad's new-fangled "Kar Kamp" tent which folded out from a car-top carrier. It was 1957 - a few years after the park opened. The campsite is no longer there, but it was located up near the John Strong mansion with a great view of the lake which is now more obscured by trees.

The tradition continues, and I try to visit at least one park each summer. My new camper is quite a modern marvel compared with Dad's old rig, but I'm sure he (and Mom) would be proud. Many thanks to Vermont, and all the folks who maintain these beautiful treasures.

- Barry


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