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You can make Vermont state park access possible.

People in kayaks
Northeast Disabled Athletic Association, 2022 Grantee

Here at Vermont Parks Forever, the foundation for Vermont’s 55 state parks, we are enjoying spending time outdoors this summer! We are grateful for all the work Vermont State Parks did to get affected parks back up and running after the July flooding.

Vermont's state parks are treasured by many, but not everyone gets a chance to enjoy them. Financial, language, cultural, and transportation barriers exist throughout Vermont, and we've been working to change that through the Park Access Fund since 2016. This year alone Vermont Parks Forever has given over 10,000 free days in the parks to Vermonters, and we cannot continue this important work without your help.

With your gift, Vermont Parks Forever’s Park Access Fund can break those barriers one free day in the parks at a time! Read our 2022 Park Access Report to learn about the impact your donation can make.

Everyone deserves to spend time in nature. Thank you for increasing access to the beautiful state parks.

- Vermont Parks Forever

An infographic showing donation tiers with clip art of people enjoying the outdoors


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