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Family Vacation Comes Full Circle

Many years ago, when my daughter was one year old, my husband and I decided to try camping. We bought a tent, some gear, and off we went on the first of many fun adventures. That first trip we put our daughter in a backpack and hiked up to the beaver ponds. A couple of years later along comes our son. We have spent time in many wonderful state parks. My daughter and son grew up loving the outdoors and hiking. My daughter has even hiked in Nepal!

Since my children turned 17, I annually have gifted them 3 days in any state park of their choice. This year, for Christmas, our daughter placed an envelope under the tree that said "family.” We opened it to find she had rented a cabin for all us to go camping at Half Moon this September. Our family vacation. It seems life has come full circle.

Thank you Vermont State Parks for instilling a love for nature and the outdoors into our children...and maybe someday our grandchildren?

- Keeley Weening

A view of a large pond through a break in some trees
Ricker Pond State Park, Photo by Vermont Parks Forever


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