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Cherished Memories at Brighton State Park

My grandparents, Rheal and Mildred Major were the Park Rangers at Brighton State Park in the 1970’s and 80’s. I was a school age child. There are many cherished childhood memories of my time visiting them. They were also such good ambassadors to our state with their strong work ethic and their ability to make people feel welcome. My grandfather’s ability to understand French was also an asset. They had many returning visitors each year.

Some of my unique and fond memories include helping my grandfather emptying the coins out of the showers, helping my grandmother take weather measurements, handing out garbage bags to incoming campers (yes, they handed out garbage bags at that time) and watching my grandmother meticulously update the drafting board of upcoming reservations and available sites in red pencil.

Years later, I asked my grandmother what was the best part of working at Brighton. Her response was working beside her husband. Something I hold fondly in my heart when I visit Brighton.

I always smile when the staff ask me if I have been here before when I visit.

- Diane Bouchard

View from inside a steel canoe in the water looking at a bright blue sky and green trees
Brighton State Park, VPF Staff


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