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Justin Cutroni

Justin Cutroni


Justin is a 20-year veteran of the digital advertising and marketing industry. An author of three books, he has built his career helping people grow their businesses using analytics and digital marketing. Justin is currently the Director of Education for Google’s ad business. He leads a team of language and education designers and is responsible for creating language and learning programs to help businesses grow using Google’s advertising tools.

A lover of the outdoors, Justin is an avid hiker, backpacker, camper, and skier. His love for Vermont Parks was born 20 years ago when he started taking his kids to the parks. From Mt. Philo To Green River Reservoir, he’s built a lifetime of memories with his family and friends in the parks. He believes the outdoors are a powerful force that can help people heal and grow. Whether hiking a mountain, floating in a canoe, or sitting around a fire laughing with friends – time spent in our parks is never wasted. It helps us disconnect from our fast-paced world and connect with ones-self and the ones we love.

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